Hubble captures crisp new portrait of Jupiter and Europa

The new image also features Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.

Hubble captured colorful twinkling stars packed close together

Twinkle Twinkle Colorful Stars.

Ingredient missing from current Dark Matter theories

New Hubble data suggest an ingredient missing from the current Dark Matter theories of how dark matter behaves.

Hubble Snaps Close-Up of Comet NEOWISE

The sharpest view yet of the breakup of Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS).

Scientists captured the ultimate selfie of Earth

Earth’s ultimate mirror selfie.

Stunning New Hubble Images Reveal Stars Gone Haywire

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope demonstrates its full range of imaging capabilities with two new images of planetary nebulae. The images depict two nearby...

Hubble captured a galaxy being gravitationally lensed by a cluster of closer galaxies

A gravitational lens can occur when a huge amount of matter, like a cluster of galaxies, creates a gravitational field that distorts and magnifies...

Snowflakes in space?

NGC 6441 is a 13-billion-year-old collection of galaxies existing in the southern constellation of Scorpius. It lies some 44,000 light-years away from Earth and 13,000 light-years from...

This marvelous looking galaxy host two supernovae

Located at a distance of circa 85 million light-years from Earth, the galaxy called NGC 5861 is an intermediate spiral galaxy in constellation Libra. Recently,...

Hubble captured a stunning view of a sparkling spiral galaxy

Discovered on Mar 9, 1788, NGC 4100 is a spiral galaxy in the third largest constellation called Ursa Major. Also known as LEDA 38370, UGC...

Hubble Observes Aftermath of Massive Collision

What astronomers thought was a planet beyond our solar system, has now seemingly vanished from sight. Astronomers now suggest that a full-grown planet never...

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