Sunday, July 3, 2022


Hubble snaps a serpentine spiral galaxy

Like our own galaxy, NGC 5921 contains a prominent bar.

Hubble finds a planet forming in an unusual way

This discovery supports a long-debated theory for how planets like Jupiter form, called "disk instability."

Hubble snaps a finely detailed image of the eye of a colorful galaxy

This multicolor image of NGC 1097 is composed of images using seven different filters in total.

Hubble sees an outburst from an infant star

Stellar tantrum.

Hubble snaps two galaxies that appear to overlap

A not-so-close encounter.

Hubble showcases a peculiar pair of galaxies

The image contains data from three separate Hubble observing proposals.

Hubble captured a space triangle

A spectacular head-on collision between two galaxies creates an unusual space triangle.

Hubble snaps swirling galactic trio

It appears to be a triple galaxy merger in progress.

Hubble captures a cosmic interaction

It is rare to capture an image of two galaxies interacting in such a visibly dynamic way.

Planets losing their puffy atmosphere and transforming into super-Earths

Worlds around other stars can change their classification.

Hubble snapped a starship-shaped galactic pair

Happy coincidence!

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