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Conceptual drawing of the superlattice in which spread electrons are confined to a narrow space to enhance thermoelectric conversion.

Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance

Scientists from Hokkaido University and their partners in Japan and Taiwan have enhanced the capacity to transfer squandered heat into usable energy by altogether...
Artificial heart

The molecules that energize babies’ hearts

Before birth, cardiac muscle cells use energy generated by breaking down glucose. Immediately after birth, they rapidly switch to breaking down fatty acids. This...
Three-dimensional conceptual drawing of Isoguchi Jets and the underlying mechanism. (Mitsudera F., et al., Nature Communications, March 22, 2018)

The widespread effects of ocean floors on the sea surface

In the 2000s, pathways transporting warm water beginning in the Kuroshio Current, a northward-streaming ebb and flow on the western side of the North...

Obesity inhibits key cancer defense mechanism, study

In recent years, several researchers have focused on obesity as a potent cancer risk factor. Scientific shreds of evidence have suggested that obesity was associated...
noise, signals

Why noise can enhance sensitivity to weak signals

Japanese scientists have discovered a new mechanism to clarify stochastic reverberation, in which sensitivity to weak signals is upgraded by the noise. The finding is...
Immunohistochemical analysis showing expression of PGE2 (left) and PD-L1 (right) in the ileal mucosa of a cow with Johne’s disease.

Revealing the immunopathogenesis of Johne’s disease

An exploration group has disentangled the immunopathogenesis of Johne's disease, a ceaseless ox-like infection that has caused endemics in Japan and numerous different nations,...

Measuring the effects of natural events on wildlife

Hokkaido University researchers in Japan have came up with an approach that helps scientists understand how wildlife populations are affected by major natural events, such...
Tau proteins accumulated in the brain of a patient with PSP-like symptoms. (Yabe I. et al., Scientific Reports, January 16, 2018)

The bassoon causing new brain disorder

Transformations have been found in the bassoon (BSN) quality, which is included with the focal sensory system, in patients with indications like, yet unique...
Some of the arthropod species found on the alder (Alnus hirsuta) trees. Photos taken by Shunsuke Utsumi.

Predicting an insect community structure based on genomic variation

For the most part, spatial and transient variables influence how groups of creatures are molded in an environment. Understanding the structure of related groups...