Friday, January 27, 2023

Heart Failure

Immune marker suPAR high in patients with heart failure

The ability to predict risk was even greater when combined with traditional measures of cardiac stress.

Patients with heart failure are more likely to develop cancer

Heart failure patients may benefit from cancer prevention measures.

Obstructive sleep apnea worsens heart disease

We need to increase awareness about screening for and treating OSA.

Switching off heart protein could protect against heart failure

A new way for drugs to combat heart failure in people who’ve had a heart attack.

Heart patients afraid to seek medical help during COVID crisis

If patients delay or avoid treatment, they will suffer life-limiting complications or they will die.

Patients with acute heart failure nearly double their risk of dying if they get COVID-19

COVID-19 infection linked with the higher death rate in acute heart failure patients.

High blood pressure during pregnancy are more likely to develop heart disease

Pregnancy‐induced hypertension is increasingly recognized as a risk factor for subsequent cardiovascular disease in women. In particular, preeclampsia, characterized by Gestational hypertension with proteinuria,...

Microorganisms on the tongue could help diagnose heart failure

Past study has shown that microorganisms in the tongue coating could distinguish patients with pancreatic cancer from healthy people. This is early to diagnose...

A new treatment for stimulating the growth of new blood vessels

Thanks to the funding of over £100,000 from national charity Heart Research UK.

Diets with reduced protein may be key to lowering the risk for heart disease

Lower protein diets may lessen the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Brushing teeth regularly is linked with a lower risk of heart failure

Brush your teeth to protect the heart

Study aims to improve acne in women

Scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Southampton want to check whether Spironolactone is useful for treating acne in women. For this, they are...

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