Heart Failure

Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

A robotic replica of the heart’s right chamber

The realistic model could aid the development of better heart implants.

University of São Paulo tests molecule to mitigate heart failure

Dicer modification by 4-Hydroxynonenal impairs miRNA maturation in heart failure.

Blood test predicts heart and kidney risk in type 2 Diabetes

Exploring cardiorenal biomarkers and canagliflozin in the CREDENCE trial.

AI detects systolic heart failure via wearables

Detecting heart dysfunction with wearable single-lead ECG.

UCL researchers identified five types of heart failure

Significant differences found between the subtypes in patients’ risk of dying in the year after diagnosis.

The diagnosis of heart failure is often missed, especially for women

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Population Analysis presented at Heart Failure 2023.

Women are more likely to die from heart attacks than men

Women with STEMI have a worse prognosis due to their older age.

People with strong legs are less likely to develop heart failure after a heart attack

Heart attack patients with strong legs have better prognosis.

Long-term exposure to particulate matter linked to increased hospital procedures

Long term exposure to PM2.5 pollution associated with three hospital tests.

Heart damage from cancer drugs traced to specific cause

Potential drug targets for heart failure therapies and cancer-related heart damage.

Maintaining heart function in donors declared ‘dead’ could improve access to heart transplantation

Donated hearts could be used for transplantation after death.

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