Heart disease

Bacteria in the mouth may increase the risk of heart disease

Another potential risk factor physicians might screen for to identify individuals at risk of heart disease.

Serotonin can impact the mitral valve of the heart, the study

The link between serotonin and heart valve disease.

Using protein to heal scars left behind by heart attacks

New method could 'turn back the clock' on damaged heart tissue following heart attacks.

Long-term antidepressant use may double the risk of heart disease

Adverse health outcomes associated with long-term antidepressant use.

Uncontrolled blood pressure contributes to a lot of heart-related emergencies

A new study highlights the top reasons for emergency room visits and suggests poorly controlled hypertension.

Cannabis prescribed for pain linked with an elevated risk of heart problems

There may be a previously unreported risk of arrhythmias following medical cannabis use.

First successful transplant of porcine heart into an adult human with end-stage heart disease

The first-of-its-kind transplant was the patient’s only option for survival.

Need of regular check-ups to mitigate Cardiovascular risk

Emergency workers need standard health checks to prevent heart events on the job.

Study found Heart complications in Overweight youth

Associations between visceral fat and arterial stiffness in youth.

Vitamin K enriched diet lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Growing evidence of Vitamin K value for heart health.

Early exposure to air pollution puts children at higher risk of disease in adulthood

First of its kind study reveals evidence that early exposure to dirty air alters genes in a way that could lead to adult heart disease, among other ailments.

Heart muscles are drawn by da Vinci play a vital role in heart function

Exciting new direction for understanding the heart.

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