Heart disease

Reassessing adolescent fitness impact on future cardiovascular health

Exploring cardiovascular risk in teens: Genes and environment.

Heart disease risk prediction: A decade earlier

AHA's scientific statement on novel equations for cardiovascular risk.

Choosing heart-healthy foods with mindfulness

Improving interoception and DASH diet compliance with mindfulness.

Ultrathin, gel-free ECG sensor offers more comfort, less skin irritation

A novel wearable heart monitor ticks all the boxes for better healthcare.

Lack of sleep can harm your blood vessels

Reduced sleep boosts oxidative stress in female endothelial cells.

Preventing coronary artery disease through gene discoveries

Genome-wide study uncovers coronary artery calcification insights.

Obesity before pregnancy predicts future heart health

Body mass index, pregnancy complications, and cardiovascular risk.

Latinx middle schoolers mental health affects sleep, obesity, and habits

Heart disease and stroke risk linked to adolescent depression.

Stress and high efforts, low reward increase men’s heart disease risk

The double risk of job strain and effort-reward imbalance explained.

A new tool to reduce stroke risk

A new way of identifying patients at risk of an irregular heartbeat.

AI finds a way into people’s hearts

Unveiling a groundbreaking and accurate AI-based method to classify cardiac function and disease.

The benefits of a plant-based diet for health and the environment

Plant-based diets: The future of healthy eating.

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