Heart disease

Heart attack symptoms differ for women

Signs of a heart attack in both men and women.

Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

Avocado consumption linked to better overall diet quality

Avocado intake enhances diet quality in randomized trials.

Atrial fibrillation risk associated with sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages, genetic factors, and atrial fibrillation

Reusable vest can detect early signs of fatal heart disease

The vest can map the electric impulses of the heart in fine detail.

Ultra-processed foods are the new silent killer

The hazards of ultra-processed foods and proposed solutions

New agent halts stress response

PROTAC tech targets stress receptors.

Opioid epidemic: Prescribed opioids linked to heart issues

Link between prescribed opioids and cardiovascular disease.

High cholesterol and blood pressure raise lifelong heart disease risk

Even if you subsequently lower your levels.

Aortic aneurysm predicted by unstable fluttering

Blood-wall fluttering as a marker for aortic aneurysm progression.

Reassessing adolescent fitness impact on future cardiovascular health

Exploring cardiovascular risk in teens: Genes and environment.

Heart disease risk prediction: A decade earlier

AHA's scientific statement on novel equations for cardiovascular risk.

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