Microplastics are a major issue in human airways

Humans inhale 16.2 bits of plastic every hour.

Handheld bioprinter prints tissues and organs within the body

New bioprinter addresses key limitations of previous designs.

Heat-damaged DNA in high-temperature cooked food can cause cancer

Food DNA could be a source of genetic harm in our diets.

Hip replacement surgery: NHS needs to change weight policies

BMI policies reduce access to hip replacement surgery.

Concerns raised over the impact of chemicals on marine life

Researchers warn of deleterious chemicals in harbors.

Diabetes medication shows the potential to reduce alcohol consumption

Semaglutide may be a new treatment for alcohol dependence.

Wearable devices are less likely to be used by patients with cardiovascular disease

Few people with or at risk of CVD use wearable devices consistently.

Poop research can help to increase white rhino populations

Reproductive status on the gut microbiome of southern white rhinoceros.

Heart attack risk increases at the start of the workweek

Heart attack risk spikes on mondays.

Healthy gut microbiome may protect against aging

Viral diversity in the gut may be associated with a longer lifespan.

Plague DNA found in 4,000-year-old human remains in Britain

Yersinia pestis genomes provide insight into british history.

The link between obesity and mental disorders

Study reveals women at higher risk for diseases compared to men.

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