Back pain is a global issue, affecting millions of people

Analysis can help to dispel common back pain myths.

Sensors that operate in extreme temperatures and environments

Sensitive, Reliable and Durable Sensors Created for Multiple Industries.

Gorillas are more resilient than humans due to early life adversity

Young gorillas are resilient to losing their mothers.

Exploring the Intriguing Cellular Effects of the Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil and nuts boost cellular structure and protect membranes.

Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead in raw pheasant food

Lead levels in raw pheasant dog food pose health risks.

The impact of time of day and gender on blood pressure medication efficacy

A mathematical model to understand diuretic effectiveness.

What makes “junk food” junk?

U.S. policies define junk food for taxation and regulations.

The Zoonomia Consortium developed an evolutionary timeline

The evolution of mammals through genomic comparisons.

The Role of Circumstances and Personality in Determining Happiness

The Interplay of Behaviors, Circumstances, & Psychological Traits in Pursuing a Good Life.

The Mysterious Viruses Lurking in Your Baby’s Gut

Advancing our knowledge of viral communities in the healthy infant gut.

The negative impact of alcohol on chronic pain management

Alcohol intake and withdrawal can lead to increased pain and hypersensitivity.

Music can help prevent cognitive decline

The positive impacts of musical activities to counteract brain aging.

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