Vitamin D deficiency was common among children during the industrialization period in England

The deficiency was indicated in the teeth of three-quarters of individuals, especially males.

A correlation between the UK’s austerity policies and increased frailty among the elderly population

The implementation of UK austerity politics and increased frailty among the oldest adults.

More babies were born on weekdays than on weekends or holidays

The frequency of births increased, and the gap between deliveries on weekends/holidays and weekdays widened.

Relationship satisfaction linked to better mental health, says Australian study

Finances and general demographics account for 3% and 2% of mental health variation, respectively.

People of color victims of lethal violence and suicide in the US die younger than their white counterparts

Access to firearms, medical and mental health problems, and socioeconomic factors may help explain inequities.

Similar drinking habits in couples linked to longer life

Alcohol use and mortality in older couples in the US.

Discovery of TB blood test for detection of many silent spreaders

Integrated plasma proteomics reveals biomarkers for tuberculosis diagnosis.

Fermented foods boost brain growth

Fermentation technology & human brain expansion.

AI assists mathematicians in recognizing new COVID-19 variants

Significant SARS-CoV-2 lineages identified via scalable ML techniques.

Adversity’s impact on mental health & cognition

Lifetime adversity linked to depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline in older adults in the US.

Research identifies the body’s reaction to seven days fasting

Adaptive proteomic changes in humans during 7-day caloric restriction.

The study explores the smoking-DNA link across six racial groups

Epigenome study on nicotine levels in diverse smoker groups.

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