Study reveals clinicians prioritize patient views least in diagnosis

Doctors often overlook patient opinions in diagnoses, study finds.

Untangling the problem of animating tightly curled hair

Animating tightly curled hair is a difficult task.

Smart helmets to protect against head trauma

Smart helmets provide metrics to monitor the neurological effects of head impacts.

Cluster headache may be more severe for women

Eighteen percent of women were diagnosed with chronic cluster headache, compared to 9% of men.

People with migraine headaches have a hyper-excitable visual cortex

Migraines are characterized as incapacitating and persistent headaches, often accompanied by an increased sensitivity to visual or other sensory stimuli. The specific reasons for...

Meditation could effectively reduce migraine severity

Assessing key meditation ingredients that positively impact mood and headache factors across different meditation techniques.

High intake of caffeinated beverages raises the odds of triggering a migraine headache

A new study in The American Journal of Medicine links high daily intake of caffeinated beverages with the onset of migraine headaches on the same or next day.

A Change In Diet Could Help Stop Your Migraine

94% of people who go to a doctor with the complaint of episodes of a headache actually have a migraine. There are Almost 50%...

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