Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Harvard Gazette

An algorithm to predict Alzheimer’s

MGH team detects disease early using electronic health records.

Papers that use positive words in headlines likelier to be cited

The power of positive phrasing.

The living hydrogel can facilitate healing of intestinal wounds

Probiotic therapy for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

FDA-approved drug shows promise against the neurodegenerative disease

Inflammatory processes may play role in ALS.

How the brain uses performance to regulate variability in motor functions

Research suggests that errors resulting from variability in motor function are a feature, not a bug, of our nervous system and play a critical role in learning.

Harvard astronomer discovered exoplanet without an atmosphere

Prospects clouded for finding life on the largest class of planets.

Predicting the strength of earthquakes

Early seismic waves hold the clue to the power of the main temblor.

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