Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Harvard Gazette

The comet that killed dinosaurs

The cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs.

Chromosomes look entirely different than shown in high school textbooks

They look entirely different than those 'wonky Xs like two hotdogs jammed together' as shown in high school textbooks.

A study reported details of neurological injury in COVID-19 patients

Specialized scanning furthers understanding of the virus’ potential effects on the brain.

New treatment to treat lung metastasis

Delivering immune-stimulating nanoparticles to the lungs via red blood cells halts tumor growth in mice.

An enhanced form of liquid biopsy developed for brain tumors

Test is easy to use, quick, low cost, and can follow the course of disease.

How the brain organizes information about odors?

A new study provides new insights into the mystery of scent, where scientists describe for the first time how relationships between different odors are encoded in the olfactory cortex, the region of brain responsible for processing smell.

New liquid biopsy method to detect kidney cancers

Around 35 percent of cancers are analyzed simply after they have spread beyond the kidney and are increasingly difficult to treat. Small, early kidney...

DNA-barcoded microbial spores to trace the origin of objects, agricultural products

CDC appraises that every year 48 million people become ill from the foodborne disease, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. This public health problem calls...

Warmer weather may not slow down the spread of coronavirus

It is expected that outbreaks of the new coronavirus will wane as temperatures rise. Well, that's not true. Harvard scientists studying the common cold...

Stress trigger gray hair- confirms study

Feel like kids, spouse, work giving you gray hair?

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