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Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners

Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners

A promising replacement for the toxic and flammable greenhouse gases that are used in most refrigerators and air conditioners has been identified by researchers from the University of Cambridge.
When carbon emissions pass a critical threshold, it can trigger a spike-like reflex in the carbon cycle, in the form of severe ocean acidification that lasts for 10,000 years, according to a new MIT study. Stock image

Excitation of carbon cycle could lead mass extinction

Absorption of carbon dioxide on Earth's ocean beyond threshold level can cause extreme ocean acidification due to excitation of Earth’s Carbon Cycle and could be the cause of sixth mass destruction.
dust storms

How dust storms are adding to pollution woes of North India

During May 2018, the national capital region and parts of North India were lashed by three strong dust storms in quick succession. In addition...
A liquid metal catalyst turns carbon dioxide into solid carbon. PETER CLARKE/RMIT UNIVERSITY

New way to turn carbon dioxide into coal

Among the collection of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) is the one that has attracted the most attention with regard to global warming. This...
"The most promising idea may be to connect these devices with coal-fired power plants or other industry that produces a lot of CO2,” said Haotian Wang of his latest research. Rose Lincoln/Harvard file photo

Transforming CO2 into industrial fuels

An individual at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Haotian Wang and associates have built up an enhanced framework to utilize sustainable power to diminish...
Putting a price on carbon, in the form of a fee or tax on the producers of fossil fuels, can be an effective way to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.

Carbon taxes could make significant dent in climate change, study

Putting a cost on carbon, as a charge or expense on the utilization of petroleum derivatives, combined with restoring the produced income to people...
Global Stratosphere's Strength Circulation Measured for First Time

Global Stratosphere’s Strength Circulation Measured for First Time

Chin vertebral airplanes generally travel through the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere. In that atmosphere, the air is dry, clean and calm...