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Global temperature change attributable to external factors, finds new study Image credit: Shutterstock

Human activity is responsible for global temperature rise

Human-induced factors such as greenhouse gas concentrations, other occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, solar activity, and air pollution peaks are responsible for global temperature...
A University of Michigan and Tulane University study showed that the 20 percent of U.S. diets with the highest carbon footprint accounted for 46 percent of total diet-related greenhouse gas emissions. Image credit: Martin Heller

20% Americans are responsible for almost half of US food-related greenhouse gas emissions

A new study from researchers at the University of Michigan and Tulane University suggests that On any given day, 20 percent of Americans account...
A specially equipped Lincoln MKZ, based at Mcity, is an open-source connected and automated research vehicle available to U-M faculty and students, startups and others to help accelerate innovation

Increasing the environmental benefits of autonomous vehicles

According to a recent investigation by the University of Michigan, the added weight, electricity requisition and aerodynamic drag of the sensors and computers utilized...
A technique to make captured carbon valuable

A technique to make captured carbon valuable

Carbon capturing is the technology that harnesses up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the use of fossil fuels in....