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The fabrication steps of GQD-hBN in-plane heterostructure based on hBN to graphene conversion catalysed by Pt NPs

Novel technology for highly ordered arrays of ‘graphene quantum dot’

UNIST scientists have developed a new technology that can potentially fabricate highly ordered of graphene quantum dot (GQD). Moreover, it could pave the way for...
Technique developed to produce graphene from discarded dry cell batteries

Technique developed to produce graphene from discarded dry cell batteries

A group of researchers at Nagpur-based Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology have developed a new technique which promises to help produce high-value graphene from...
Drs. Esrafilzadeh and Jalili working on 3D-printed graphene mesh in the lab. Credit: RMIT University

Study unlocks full potential of supermaterial graphene

In a new study, scientists at the RMIT University demonstrated a new method to double the graphene performance and finally harness its extraordinary potential. Scientists...
Researchers from the NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials examining the quality of graphene samples. Credit: National University of Singapore

Researchers offer solution in fight against fake Graphene

Ever since the isolation of graphene was first achieved in 2004, there has been an explosion in graphene-related research and development, with hundreds of...
Graphene based nanocarbon films can be used in optical computing

Graphene based nanocarbon films can be used in optical computing

Scientists at the University of Eastern Finland in collaboration with the University of Arizona have demonstrated a new technique that involves reuse of optics...
A team led by Professor Barbaros Özyilmaz from NUS CA2DM coated a single layer of graphene on a substrate, and the experiment was placed in the payload enclosure of the ‘Wayfinder - Mini’ CubeSat.

Graphene enters the stratosphere

The Centre for Advanced Two-Dimensional Materials (CA2DM) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has teamed up with US-based aerospace company Boreal Space to...
Above is the 11 folds graphene composite film sample and this can be folded one more time. l Photo Credit: Kyoungchae Kim

Study discovers folding graphene significantly enhances mechanical performance

A piece of paper fold over ordinarily ready to convey more weight than a level sheet of paper of a similar length. Thus, folding...
Distinguished Professor Rodney S. Ruoff from the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) at UNIST.

New method to determine mechanical stiffness and strength of centimeter-scale atom thick Graphene

An international team of scientists led by UNIST has successfully developed a method to measure the tensile strength of centimeter-scale monolayer graphene for the first...
Schematic of a graphene bubble and trapped molecules between the SiO2 surface and graphene.

Scientists identified chemical reactivity of graphene bubbles

A recent study by the UNIST scientists has identified that graphene bubbles are found to be more chemically reactive than flat graphene. They quantified...