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More attractive and high performance membranes for carbon Capture

More attractive and high performance membranes for carbon Capture

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas, responsible for global warming. CO2 released from burning fossil fuels in the atmosphere is the primary source of...
The experimental device that focused infrared and terahertz radiation on small samples of pure graphene in the magnetic field, built by the UNIGE team. © UNIGE, Ievgeniia Nedoliuk

Scientists confirmed the theory of very strong magneto-optical resonance in graphene

Controlling infrared and terahertz waves using magnetic and electric fields is one of the extraordinary difficulties in physics that could revolutionize optoelectronics, telecommunications, and...
Graphenes now go monolayer and single crystalline

Graphenes now go monolayer and single crystalline

An international team of scientists from the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) at UNIST, has recently...
A sample of the mineral lepidolite, a key source of lithium, mined in Finland. Credit: iStock/ekakoskinen

Lithium doesn’t crack under pressure, it transforms

Lithium is the lightest solid metal, it’s soft, silvery-white, with a low melting point and reactive. Many of its physical and chemical properties are...
Schematic of the textile-based capacitor integrating GNP/polyesters as electrodes and h-BN/polyesters as dielectrics. Credit: Felice Torrisi

Washable, wearable battery-like devices could be woven directly into clothes

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a wearable electronic component that can be incorporated directly into fabrics. This wearable device is originally...
Fig. Photo-induced ultrafast active ion transport through graphene oxide membranes (Image by GUO Wei)

Light could drive ions in graphene oixde membranes

Layered graphene oxide membranes (GOM) with densely packed sub-nanometer-wide lamellar channels show exceptional ionic and molecular transport properties. Mass and charge transport in existing...
Shown above are the discarded eggshells (left) and graphene (right)

Converting eggshells into bulky nanoporous graphene and pure hydrogen

In a new study, scientists at the UNIST have uncovered a new method that converts discarded eggshells into hydrogen. Their novel method holds the...
Purdue University researchers have developed a new propellant formulation method to use graphene foams to power spacecraft. (Stock photo)

New hybrid energy method could fuel the future of rockets, spacecraft for exploration

Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern. Graphene is considered to be the world's thinnest, strongest and most...
Dr Pramoda Kumar Nayak in his lab at IIT Madras

New discovery paves way for silicon of the future

Just imagine taking two extremely ultra-thin materials with different properties and placing one on top of the other, and obtaining a new material with...