Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Global warming

Fingerprint of climate change detected in daily weather

Climate researchers can now detect the fingerprint of global warming in daily weather observations at the global level.

Atlantic ocean is experiencing various changes

Effect could be maintaining the strength of a key European climate driver.

Understanding the response of sea level to prolonged climate warming

Mallorcan cave yields 4-million-year-old geologic evidence providing new insights into magnitude global sea level rise.

Excitation of carbon cycle could lead mass extinction

Absorption of carbon dioxide on Earth's ocean beyond threshold level can cause extreme ocean acidification due to excitation of Earth’s Carbon Cycle and could be the cause of sixth mass destruction.

Planting 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming

The world is getting warmer. Whether the cause is a human activity or natural variability—and the preponderance of evidence says it’s humans—thermometer readings all...

CO2 emissions are on track to increase global temperatures by over 1.5˚C

CO2 emissions contribute to climate change, which can have serious consequences for humans and their environment. Scientists always debated on surrounding global warming and...

Green material for refrigeration identified

When put under pressure, plastic crystals of neopentylglycol yield huge cooling effects – enough that they are competitive with conventional coolants. In addition, the...

Future sea level rise could be much lower than previously feared

Two papers distributed in Nature this week call into uncertainty ongoing forecasts of unavoidable Antarctic ice sheet collapse. The first paper proposes that continued...

Third of Himalayan glaciers can no longer be saved, study

According to a new study, even if making efforts for limiting global warming, one of the Himalayan glaciers will melt by the end of the...

Dimming the Sun to combat global warming

Researchers are proposing an ingenious yet so far unproven approach to tackle climate change. They are planning to spray sun-dimming chemicals into the Earth's atmosphere. In...

Amazon forests failing to keep up with climate change

In a new study led by more than 30 institutions around the world, scientists assessed the impact of global warming on thousands of tree species across...

Optically Transparent Wood (TW) could be used for solar panels

We all know wood is one of the most reliable and generally used building materials. It is strong, cheap, properly manageable, and recognizable. A...

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