Global warming

Half of the glaciers vanish with 1.5 degrees of warming

The world's glaciers could lose as much as 40% of their mass by 2100.

How capturing carbon in savannas can reduce global warming?

Grasses play an important role in capturing carbon in tropical savannas.

How has lightning been evolving over the past decades?

Light­ning activ­ity dou­bled in a few decades.

Blowing snow’s impact on Arctic climate change

Arctic warming caused by sea salt aerosols from blowing snow.

What initiates chemical intolerance (CI)?

Toxic molds, fossil fuels, antibiotics linked to chemical intolerance.

Heat stress in cattle is a global risk due to climate change

Expansion of cattle farming and unchecked climate change could expose over 1 billion cows to heat stress.

New Antarctic extremes are ‘virtually certain’ as the world warms

Antarctic change has global implications.

Lizards may miss out on mating opportunities under warming temperatures

Individuals are forced to allocate more time to thermoregulation by increasing shelter seeking behaviour.

Arctic glaciers reveal the source of methane

Groundwater springs in arctic provide significant methane source.

Global warming could surge the CO2 emissions from soil microbes

Microbial CO2 emissions in the polar regions will increase twice as much as in the rest of the world.

It’s possible to make carbon dioxide capture filters using 3D printing

This manufacturing process, using 3D printing, makes everything faster and more precise.

Stronger paper bags that can be reused and then recycled for biofuel could be the future

Paper bags reduce plastic use and environmental impacts.

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