Thursday, March 23, 2023


New method to measure the fragility of liquid

The study makes the physics of glass formation clearer.

A new state of matter: Liquid glass

Neither liquid nor solid.

Scientists probe the cage formation of the glass at surgical precision

It is a highly non-trivial process involving complex non-linear responses.

Water-filled windows use water to heat and cool buildings

The WFG system can help regulate the indoor temperature, save energy, and reduce CO2 emission.

Scientists probe internal stress in colloidal glasses

Glasses used for camera lenses or reading glasses have a different degree of transparency, and they break differently. The methods to acquire crystals with...

Predicting the dynamics of glassy materials

Structural order parameter characterising local packing capability can well describe the glassy dynamics of glass.

Using 3D printing technique to produce glass objects

A 3D printing process to produce complex and highly porous glass objects.

Scientists make bendable glass using aluminum and lasers

Overcoming glass brittleness.

Study reveals clue to centuries-old glass mystery

In a new study, Yale scientists have finally found the answer for a centuries-old mystery that how glasses transition into very resilient states. Precisely what...

Researchers Make Flexible Glass for Tiny Medical Devices

The glass is transparent, hard, and easily molded into different shapes. In today’s date, glass is much less expensive and used to make many...

Self-shading windows can switch from transparent to blur

MIT scientists have developed a new method making windows that can switch from transparent to dark. They have developed a Self-shading windows. This new system process...

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