New insights into the properties of metallic glasses

Solving mysteries of metallic glass at the nanoscale.

Scientists discovered hidden structural regularity in Silica glass

The regulation of the atomic configuration is not uniform in all directions.

Buried ancient Roman glass reveals itself to be something extraordinary

Study reveal how photonic crystals were created by corrosion and crystallization over centuries.

LionGlass: A new glass for the future

Super strong, eco-friendly glass: 10x strength, half carbon emissions.

Theoretical evidence for a liquid-to-solid phase transition

Improved understanding of glassy dynamics could help scientists explain why a liquid behaves like a solid.

Perovskite LEDs get a boost, but at the expense of longevity

The Efficiency-Stability Trade-Off in Perovskite LEDs.

What do you need for the crystal to have a very low thermal conductivity?

how low thermal conductivity occurs in crystals?

Glass 3D printing without sintering by using nanomaterials

KIT developed process achieves high resolution in low temperatures for optics and semiconductors.

Glasses with AI can read a silent speech

Acoustic sensing enables silent speech recognition without eyewear.

New method to measure the fragility of liquid

The study makes the physics of glass formation clearer.

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