Giant volcano discovered on Mar’s equator

Its discovery points to an exciting new place to search for life.

Evidence of potential salt glaciers on planet Mercury

Unveiling mercury’s geological mysteries.

Half of the glaciers vanish with 1.5 degrees of warming

The world's glaciers could lose as much as 40% of their mass by 2100.

Scientists discovered traces of the world’s oldest known glaciers

Scientists found evidence from relative oxygen isotope concentrations in ancient rocks.

Greenland’s fjords harbor a unique group of polar bears

This group of polar bears has been isolated for several hundred years from their Arctic counterparts.

A long-standing mystery of glacial lake floods solved

Scientists have long studied the development of these floods, which are some of the largest on Earth.

Warm water found beneath Antarctica’s Doomsday Glacier

An underwater robot visited the bottom of Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier.

Thousands of lakes in Himalaya Mountains at risk of flooding due to global warming

Approximately 5,000 lakes in the Himalayas are likely unstable due to moraine weaknesses.

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