Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Fish are far more likely to communicate with sound

There’s a whole lot of talking going on beneath the waves.

Significant insights into the development of the vertebrate head

Cranial neural crest-derived cells (CNCCs) are a vertebrate-specific population, often referred to as the fourth germ layer. They have extraordinary potential to form diverse...

Venoms found in snakes and mammals share a common origin

Common Venomous lineage between snakes and Mammals.

Ocean acidification upsets the way fish interacts in group

The findings highlight the direct effect of climate stressors on fish behavior.

Effects of climate change on global mariculture production

Climate change poses risks to the potential seafood production from mariculture.

Zebrafish creates a hazard map in their brain to avoid risk

Zebrafish predict the future to avoid virtual danger.

What makes fish fins so strong yet flexible?

Engineers uncover the secrets of fish fins.

A genetic library for mega-ecosystem in the Pacific Ocean

The research improves the value of environmental DNA for fisheries and conservation along the California Current.

Baby sharks are born smaller, thanks to climate change

Future too warm for baby sharks.

Gigantic megatooth shark gave birth to babies larger than most adult humans

Megalodons gave birth to large newborns that likely grew by eating unhatched eggs in womb.

Fish exposed to noise pollution likely to die early

Being underwater is no escape.

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