A liquid crystal elastomer fiber can produce morphing fabrics

Shape-shifting fiber can produce morphing fabrics.

A simple inkjet printer can fabricate stretchable LED

A pen stroke can turn perovskite into a light emitter and detector.

Fibre optic smart trousers monitor movement at a low cost

Smart textiles enable tracking of physical activities in clinics and homes.

A new type of programmable smart fabric reacts to electricity and temperature

It is the first ever to respond to two different stimuli.

Fiber “barcodes” can be used to create durable clothing labels

Reflective fibers could revolutionize textile sorting and recycling.

First fabric that automatically regulates heat exchange

As per the users’ comfort, fabrics are innovated in so many ways. Even after decades of innovation in fabrics with high-tech thermal properties that...

Space Fabric Links Fashion and Engineering

Nasa scientist, Raul Polit Casillas with his colleagues are developing a woven metal fabrics to use in space. The fabric is also known as...

Scientists Developed Stretchable Smart Fabric

Recent advances in technology bring the apparel, technology, and textile industries together to build new capabilities in fabric. Known by smart fabric, these new high-tech...

New Fabric Uses Sun And Wind To Power Devices

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a new fabric that gathers power from both the sun and the wind. Scientists have combined...

Plastic Clothing Material That Cools the Skin

40 to 60 percent of our body heat is dissipated as infrared radiation when we are sitting in an office. But, until now, there...

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