Tuesday, July 5, 2022


A new physical phenomenon on an optical chip using modified lights

An optical chip improved by light.

New deep learning model to speed up ecological surveys

With this new method, valuable time and resources could be saved.

Unique quantum-mechanical interaction unveiled between electrons and topological defects

Quantum physics across dimensions: Unidirectional Kondo Scattering.

Ozone causes our skin to emit tiny airborne particles

Our very own bodies can be a source of nanocluster aerosol emissions.

Use of mechanobiology and robotic micromanipulation in tissue engineering

It has given new hope for the tissues developed in the lab will have proper form and function to be implanted into a patient or used for testing therapies.

New approach produced perovskite solar panels with an efficiency of 23.9%

3D chemistry boosts perovskite efficiency to 23.9%.

New imaging method offers a glimpse into cell functioning

Time-resolved scanning ion conductance microscopy for 3D tracking of nanoscale cell surface dynamics.

Study uncovered complex dance of developmental genes

The delicate dance of developmental genes.

Our brain has its own unique fingerprint

Our brains have a “fingerprint” too.

Newly developed controlled proteins enable scientists to control cell activities

They can be used to switch cellular activities on and off like a light bulb.

New VR software lets you explore the universe

This is the beginning of a journey into outer-space, in a virtual environment.

Researchers reused concrete to build a footbridge

Building out of concrete but without pouring concrete.

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