Monday, July 4, 2022


Study found a biological connection between stress, weight, and social anxiety

Connecting stress, weight, and social anxiety in early adolescence.

New protein to boost immunotherapy

A protein that can improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs.

The cosmic web plays a much bigger role than previously thought

The cosmic web orchestrates the progression of galaxies.

A new way to boost the efficiency of single-cell RNA sequencing

DisCo: a powerful tool that can “read” the genetic profile of an individual cell.

Making window panes on railcars permeable to mobile-phone signals

Better wireless connectivity through innovative glass technology.

A new type of printing process switches materials from black to transparent

Their method could be particularly useful for printing banknotes and ID documents.

New software processes and analyze encrypted data from multiple sources

Software that orchestrates secure and compliant data collaborations.

Scientists made the first connection between muscular dystrophy and sphingolipids

Blocking sphingolipids counteracts muscular dystrophy.

Boosting perovskite solar cell efficiency using quantum dots

An innovative way to increase the performance and maintain it at a high level in perovskite solar cells even at large scales.

A new model shows how the gut environment helps neutral mutations become prevalent

Neutral mutants can prevail in gut microbiota, enhancing diversity.

A new approach to artificial photosynthesis

Increasing efficiency in artificial photosynthesis.

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