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When carbon emissions pass a critical threshold, it can trigger a spike-like reflex in the carbon cycle, in the form of severe ocean acidification that lasts for 10,000 years, according to a new MIT study. Stock image

Excitation of carbon cycle could lead mass extinction

Absorption of carbon dioxide on Earth's ocean beyond threshold level can cause extreme ocean acidification due to excitation of Earth’s Carbon Cycle and could be the cause of sixth mass destruction.
Graduate Research Assistant Gennaro Notomista shows the components of SlothBot on a cable in a Georgia Tech lab./ Image: Georgia Tech

Energy-efficient SlothBot leisurely monitors environmental changes

Taking inspiration from the mammal that moves at a leisurely pace, a team of engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology has developed 'SlothBot' -...
Earliest Evidence of Human Impact on Earth's Geology Has Been Found in The Dead Sea

Earliest Evidence of Human Impact on Earth’s Geology Has Been Found in The Dead...

Human impact on the natural environment is now harming the planet. But, it is really difficult to understand the process behind it. To find...