Algorithmic innovation enables sustainable technology from atoms to materials

New materials are required for a net-zero and sustainable future.

Vegetable oil consumption causes gut health issues

Study shows soybean oil-rich diets may cause colitis.

Why is photosynthetic light harvesting so efficient?

The disorganized arrangement of the proteins in light-harvesting complexes.

Energy insecurity has negatively impacted health and the environment

The renewable energy economy is out of reach for many households.

A new switch discovered for superconductivity

The scientists discover a new superconductivity switch.

Battery-free GPS tracker tracks wolves’ movements for years

New technology could allow wildlife trackers to last for the lifetime of an animal.

The new method uses slow electrons to boost chemical reactions

Solvated dielectrons: a new frontier in chemical research.

Cutting breakfast carbs can help people with type 2 diabetes to manage their diabetes

Low-carb start to the day can help control blood sugars.

The energy efficiency of computers could reduce data center electricity consumption

Researchers developed a technology to reduce energy consumption of photonic chips.

Sensors that operate in extreme temperatures and environments

Sensitive, Reliable and Durable Sensors Created for Multiple Industries.

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