Deep breaths: Essential for anger management

A study on anger control activities: What makes anger rise or fall?

Emotional facial expressions are not universally produced and understood

Language and culture may influence how our brain processes emotional faces.

How to teach androids to smile through human faces?

Japanese researchers have been studying the mechanical details of real human facial expressions.

How does a dad’s depression or anxiety affect his kids?

Paternal mental health and child development in middle childhood.

Contraceptive pills and women’s brain regions for fear regulation

Hormonal influence on brain morphology and fear processing.

Scientists built the first-ever map of a worm’s nervous system

Showing how every single neuron in the nervous system of a tiny worm communicates wirelessly.

The impact of neighborhood disadvantage on food, weight, and brain

Body mass index as a mediator between disadvantaged neighborhoods and cortical microstructure.

Inflammatory signs of teen depression vary by gender

Gender-specific inflammatory markers in adolescent depression.

Recognizing dog emotions, especially aggression, may improve with age

4-yr-olds were less good than 6-yr-olds adults at reading dog facial expressions, especially for aggression.

Neurotic people are more likely to suffer from mood swings

Neurotic people experience negative emotions, not only more intensely.

How does your brain process emotions?

The answer could help address the loneliness epidemic.

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