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New research published in the Journal of Personal and Social Relationships found that parental conflict can affect the emotional processing of children -- with potentially long lasting negative effects. In the study, children were shown 90 photos of actors portraying couples in angry, happy and neutral poses and asked to identify which mood the photo fit. Children from high conflict homes were not able to accurately identify neutral interactions. In this photo, similar to one used in the research, the couple is engaged in a neutral interaction. CREDIT: Brian Jenkins

Parental conflict can do lasting damage to kids

It makes sense that guardians who physically or candidly mishandle their youngsters do them enduring harm, in addition to other things by undermining their...
Image: Chuck Finder, Washington University in St. Louis

The universal language of emotion

Scientists at the Washington University in St. Louis identified vocal expressions uttered by individuals in the United States, Australia, India, Kenya and Singapore, and found...