Tuesday, July 5, 2022


A new, unexpected phenomenon discovered in quantum physics of materials

New ways of powering “spintronic” and other technological devices of the future.

The secret behind the behavior of unique superconducting materials uncovered

This work could eventually lead to extremely efficient future electronic devices.

Scientists have discovered a long-predicted magnetic state of matter

Scientists identify a long-sought magnetic state predicted nearly 60 years ago.

Physicists made one of the highest performance atomic clocks ever

Ultraprecise atomic clock poised for new physics discoveries.

How long does it take to emit an electron from an atom?

Einstein’s photoelectric effect: The time it takes for an electron to be released.

Protons are probably actually smaller than previously thought

The study suggests errors in the interpretation of older measurements.

Scientists successfully produced particle-antiparticle pairs from a vacuum

Cosmic physics mimicked on table-top as graphene enables Schwinger effect.

Direct visualization of electron motion in atoms and molecules

An extremely fast microscope allows unprecedented insights into the dynamics of electrons in molecules.

Physicists detected hybrid particle in an unusual 2D magnetic material

The discovery could offer a route to smaller, faster electronic devices.

In this novel metal, electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics

The findings mark the first discovery of an electron-phonon liquid inside NbGe2.

Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets the electrons spinning

Team of researchers first to demonstrate spin of nano-sonic wave

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