Sunday, June 4, 2023


Ligand-nanocrystal interactions under visible light irradiation

Researchers demonstrate light-induced quasi-reversible displacement of ligands in organic-inorganic nanocrystals.

A touch-responsive fabric armband for flexible keyboards and sketchpads

Iontronic Touch Panel for Virtual-Real Handwriting Interaction.

Shear shock waves mediate haptic holography via focused ultrasound

Researchers uncover physical limitation in haptic holography.

New laser-cutter-based system fabricates fully functional devices and robots

“LaserFactory” automates the full process for making functional devices in one system.

New cathode coating makes lithium-ion batteries even more efficient and safer

It fully and completely protects each particle of the cathode - inside and out.

Engineers make plastic conductive while also making it more transparent

Engineers change the game by making a conductive coating that’s also anti-reflective.

Safer high-performing lithium-sulfur batteries with NBL’s Cupcake electrolyte

When it comes to batteries, capacity and performance are important, but safety is also a fundamental element. Batteries not only contain highly flammable liquid...

New flexible supercapacitor allows electric vehicles to be charged in 10 minutes

Supercapacitors are entirely new material. Unlike conventional capacitors, they can be charged almost instantly and, if necessary, discharge a huge amount of energy, making...

Researchers can boost the properties of electronics by shooting them with laser

Researchers at Northeastern have taken the first step in developing the next generation of electronics. They are developing a new way to change the...

A voltage-controlled topological spin switch for ultralow-energy computing

Magnetic based technologies, like NanoMagnetic Logic, are gaining more interest as possible substitutes of CMOS transistors. Most of the logic and memory devices use...

A new technique for self-healing the flexible electronics

Flexible electronics isn’t a new technology, but it has achieved remarkable progress over the past years and its importance to other industries have increased....

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