‘Droplet batteries’ could pave the way for miniature bio-integrated devices

How do electric eels generate electricity?

Generating electricity directly from methylcyclohexane using SOFC

Direct generation requires lower energy than the dehydrogenation reaction of MCH.

Hydrogen and electricity can be combined to make pharmaceutical drugs

Technique for using hydrogen and electricity to create pharmaceuticals.

A new bio-inspired solar leaf design inspired by nature

A new solar energy design may pave the way for future renewable energy technologies.

First snapshots of fermion pairs

JILA physicists make record-breaking measurement of a key electron property.

MIT engineers develop a Jell-O-like electrode

A new material could replace metals as electrical interfaces for pacemakers, implants, and other electronic implants.

A new type of programmable smart fabric reacts to electricity and temperature

It is the first ever to respond to two different stimuli.

Melbourne scientists discover an enzyme that can generate electricity from tiny amounts of hydrogen

An enzyme from soil bacteria converts air into electricity.

Scientists discovered a novel form of ferroelectricity in an elementary substance

A novel form of ferroelectricity in a single-element bismuth monolayer.

Salt could play key role in energy transition

Salt could have a big role to play in the energy transition.

A new technique to image and understand the origin of photocurrent flow in Weyl semimetals

Quantum sensors see Weyl photocurrents flow.

New way to harvest electricity from succulent plants’ natural photosynthesis

Producing ‘green’ energy- literally- from living plant ‘bio-solar cells’.

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