A novel type of battery gathers and stores electricity in remote settings

It harness changes in ambient temperature to self-charge,

Deciphering dynamics of electric charge

New tool presents precise, holistic picture of devices, materials.

Detecting higher-order topological insulators

Just like a book can’t be judged by its cover, a material can’t always be judged by its surface.

New approach overcomes long-standing limitations in optics

A breakthrough in Mie scattering.

Generating clean electricity with chicken feathers

Turning unused waste from food production into clean energy.

Generating electricity directly from methylcyclohexane using SOFC

Direct generation requires lower energy than the dehydrogenation reaction of MCH.

Hydrogen and electricity can be combined to make pharmaceutical drugs

Technique for using hydrogen and electricity to create pharmaceuticals.

A new bio-inspired solar leaf design inspired by nature

A new solar energy design may pave the way for future renewable energy technologies.

First snapshots of fermion pairs

JILA physicists make record-breaking measurement of a key electron property.

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