Longer life with the aid of hearing aids

Study links hearing aid use to lower mortality in U.S. adults with hearing loss.

UL research explores childhood experiences and mortality risk

Self-acceptance and life purpose mediate childhood trauma impact on mortality risk.

High blood pressure linked among couples in global research

Evidence of hypertension concordance among heterosexual couples worldwide: Insights from aging studies.

Algorithmic decision-making: The future of decision making

Equity in algorithmic decision-making.

Purpose and Competence: The key to adolescent success

Wellbeing beyond happiness: What Matters for adolescent academic achievement.

Education appears to protect older adults against memory loss

According to a new study, early-life education improves memory in old age-, especially for women. The research by the Georgetown University Medical Center, suggests...

Beekee Box generates a wireless network without the internet or electricity

Digital tools are employed on a massive scale in education to enhance teaching methods but often require an internet connection. It is always a...

Children who eat lunch score 18 percent higher in reading tests

According to a new study by the ESMT Berlin, children who often attend a public free lunch program are more likely to have better learning results....

Research May Provide The Tools To Create Better Schools

Primary education now is compulsory in India. But many poor Indian children are likely to live in families or communities and have high rates of...

A System Based on Data Science to Predict Student Dropouts

Student dropouts extend from early 20th-century pioneers until now, marking trends of causes and prevention. Dropping out of school persists as a problem that...

Teacher Encouragement has Greatest Influence on Less Advantaged Children

Teachers nurture young minds to create influential people in society. However, despite being educators, teacher encouragement keeps them building the nation through this noble...

People With Less Education Have Increased Heart Attack Risk

Some people drop out school very early. Although, there are many reasons involved. But, dropping out school without graduation is not a good choice....

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