Earth’s interior

Scientists found a distinct, thin layer above Earth’s core

Earth's surface water dives deep, transforming core's outer layer.

First daily current measurements of changes in the Earth’s rotation

Scientists improve measurement of the earth's rotation.

New study reveals massive anomaly in Earth’s interior from moon-forming collision

Heterogeneity of earth's mantle may be relics of moon formation.

A geologist unexpectedly finds remnants of a lost mega-plate

Plate tectonic surprise!

‘Planet within a planet’ revealed by research into Earth’s deep core

Seismologists probe Earth’s inner core.

Earth formed from dry, rocky building blocks, study

Our planet's water must have arrived late in the history of Earth's formation.

A unique new volcano has been discovered in the Barents Sea

The volcano erupts mud, fluids and gas from the planets interior.

Ancient ocean floor likely surrounds the core beneath the Earth

The layer is likely dense yet thin.

A molten rock layer discovered hidden under Earth’s tectonic plates

The study might help settle a long-standing debate about how tectonic plates move.

Earth’s solid inner core formed 550 million years ago

Ancient rocks hold clues.

Seismic wave data revealed changes in the Earth’s outer core

Scientists have never directly observed convective flows or how they may be changing.

Earth’s interior has life that is just as productive as some ocean waters

Microbes in pitch-dark aquifers as important primary producers.

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