Sunday, July 3, 2022

Earth's atmosphere

Scientists captured the ultimate selfie of Earth

Earth’s ultimate mirror selfie.

The quiet Sun is much more active than previously assumed

The quiet Sun has been studied considerably less than the active Sun.

Earth’s atmosphere is ringing like a bell

Let the atmospheric music play on!

Salt takes a quick step before falling out of water

When a drop of sea spray lands on a rock and heats under the midday sun, the salt crystallizes and falls out of the...

Oxygen could have been available to life as early as 3.5 billion years ago

Oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is fundamental for complex types of life, which utilize it amid vigorous breath to make vitality. The levels of oxygen...

The greenery of Earth

It's been suggested that the first plant colonize the planet originated around 500 million years ago. The planet's landmasses would have been without all...

Ozone at lower latitudes is not recovering, despite Antarctic ozone hole healing

The ozone layer is recuperating at the shafts, yet unforeseen declines in part of the environment might anticipate recuperation at bringing down scopes. Worldwide ozone...

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