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Earth's atmosphere

Solar-powered balloons detect mysterious sounds in the stratosphere

Data-collecting balloons capture low-frequency sound in the Earth’s atmosphere.

NASA’S Chandra identified a new stellar danger to planets

An exploded star can pose more risks to nearby planets than previously thought.

How to pull carbon dioxide out of seawater

A new method for removing greenhouse gas from the ocean could be far more efficient.

New analysis shows how quickly meteorites can be contaminated by Earth’s atmosphere

Analysis of meteorites can provide insights into the asteroids they come from and how they have formed.

Moon dust could help protect the earth from climate change

Could space dust help protect the earth from climate change?

New catalysts could be key for the hydrogen economy

Inexpensive catalyst uses energy from light to turn ammonia into hydrogen fuel.

Mars churns up surprisingly Earth-like cloud patterns

A new study dives deeper into two dust storms.

Earth can regulate its own temperature over millennia

A “stabilizing feedback” on 100,000-year timescales keeps global temperatures in check.

Water on the Moon may have come from Earth’s atmosphere

An additional way to explain how water accumulates on the moon.

Confirmed: Meteorite that hit Earth in 2014 was interstellar

It may have left interstellar debris on the seafloor.

Earth’s primordial atmosphere likely made it harder to generate lightning

The primordial atmosphere might have made it more difficult for lightning to initiate.

The Sun erupted significant solar flares

This flare is classified as an X-Class flare.

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