Monday, October 3, 2022

Earth's atmosphere

Water on the Moon may have come from Earth’s atmosphere

An additional way to explain how water accumulates on the moon.

Confirmed: Meteorite that hit Earth in 2014 was interstellar

It may have left interstellar debris on the seafloor.

Earth’s primordial atmosphere likely made it harder to generate lightning

The primordial atmosphere might have made it more difficult for lightning to initiate.

The Sun erupted significant solar flares

This flare is classified as an X-Class flare.

Study reveals hostile conditions on Earth as life evolved

Ozone (O3), making up a tiny proportion of Earth's atmosphere by weight, is one of Earth's most essential molecules for life. Without a substantial...

The structure of earth’s atmosphere is changing due to climate change

New research quantifies extent of rising tropopause.

Volcanic eruptions might have created the first puffs of oxygen into the atmosphere

Volcanic eruptions may have spurred the first ‘whiffs’ of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

Oceans will start emitting ozone-depleting CFCs, predicts study

As atmospheric concentrations of CFC-11 drop, the global ocean should become a source of the chemical by the middle of next century.

Earth’s atmospheric oxygen will last for another billion years

The fundamental timescale of the oxygen-rich atmosphere on Earth remains uncertain.

Scientists identified mechanisms that generate more frequent thunderstorms

Scientists identified a mechanism by which small particles in the atmosphere can generate more frequent thunderstorms.

NASA’s THEMIS mission solved aurora mysteries

NASA spacecraft uncover mystery behind auroral beads.

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