Thursday, June 8, 2023

Early Universe

Clear evidence found for pair-instability supernovae from very massive first stars

The most significant feature of this star is its extremely low sodium and cobalt abundances.

A series of simulations offer a new perspective on the Universe’s structure

The distribution of galaxies in the universe is quite different.

A rapidly growing black hole discovered in one of the most extreme galaxies

The discovery provides new clues on the formation of the very first supermassive black holes.

Discovery of six massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe

These objects are way more massive​ than anyone expected.

The most accurate map of all the matter in the Universe

The analysis combines Dark Energy Survey, and South Pole Telescope data to understand evolution of universe.

Darkest ever view of a dense interstellar cloud

The observations have revealed the composition of a virtual treasure chest of ices from the early universe.

Astronomers captured a radio signal from the most distant galaxy

Probing galaxies at much greater distances from Earth may now be within reach.

Studying the first stars through the fog of the early Universe

The method could help them detect light from the first stars and galaxies.

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