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Princeton researchers have found ways to bond molecules “like Legos,” theoretically allowing new medicines to be assembled faster and with more flexibility. The research team includes (from left): postdoctoral research associate Thomas Brewer; David MacMillan, the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry; and graduate students Ian Perry and Patrick Sarver. Photo byC. Todd Reichart, Department of Chemistry

New way to bond molecules that could speed drug discovery

Scientists at the Princeton University in the David MacMillan’s lab have come up with a revolutionary new way to bond molecules that could fundamentally accelerate the...
MIT researchers have developed a machine-learning model that better selects molecule candidates for therapeutics, while also allowing for automated modification of the molecular structure for higher potency. The innovation has potential to speed up drug development. Courtesy of the researchers

Automating molecule design to speed up drug manufacturing

Designing new molecules for pharmaceuticals is primarily a manual, time-consuming process that’s prone to error. Frequently, scientists utilize expert knowledge and direct tweaking of particles,...
Programmable droplets

Programmable droplets

MIT specialists have created equipment that uses electric fields to move beads of a compound or natural arrangements around a surface, blending them in...