How do clouds make ice?

Unlocking the mysteries of freezing in supercooled water droplets.

Heat conduction plays a vital role in droplet dynamics

Action is important in repelling water from windshields, airplane wings.

Coughing Downward Reduces Spread of Respiratory Droplets

A global pandemic infectious respiratory disease, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), threatens human life and health. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, fluid droplets expelled from...

High-resolution neutron imaging reveals kinetics of water vapor uptake

Revealing how the distribution of a component of interest changes in nonequilibrium phenomena.

Scientists identified features that make people super-spreaders of viruses

Sneezes from people who have congested noses and a full set of teeth travel about 60 percent farther than from people who don’t, according to a new study.

A framework for self-excited droplet movement

Self-excited dancing droplets.

The super-fast world of droplet dynamics

Using high-speed imaging, a new study by the University of Leeds has provided a fresh insight into the complex way droplets behave when they...

A droplet walks into an electric field

In many physical processes, including cloud electrification, electrospray, and demulsification, droplets, and bubbles are exposed to electric fields and may either remain whole or...

What determines the droplet size in sprays?

A spray nozzle produces a range of droplet sizes that can often be summarized by a single number. Which single number is appropriate to use...

New theory describes intricacies of a splashing droplet

When a raindrop tumbles to the ground, it can sprinkle go down in a crown-like sheet, showering little droplets from its edge before sinking...

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