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Utilizing solar energy to bring clean drinking water to remote areas

Utilizing solar energy and nanoparticles to make saltwater drinkable, scientists from Yale and Rice University have built up a framework that could conceivably be...
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World-first graphene-based filter to improve the quality of drinking water

UNSW researchers have built up a world-first graphene-based, lab scale filter that can expel over 99% of the omnipresent regular natural matter abandoned amid...
Research Uncovers What Makes us Thirsty

Research Uncovers What Makes us Thirsty

Most of us would say, thirst is a dry feeling in the throat. But, it is not a feeling instead it is an essential mechanism...
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Only Drink Water When Thirsty, Study Suggests

We have learned from our childhood, we should drink at least 8 glass of water per day. Our body consist 60% of water. And...