In pre-Roman times, humans were buried with dogs, horses, and other creatures

Co-burials are still a mystery, but might indicate animal companionship or religious customs.

Connections between human and canine brain tumors

The molecular counterpart of aggressive MenG C meningiomas found in canines.

Scientists created canine iPSCs from urine-derived cells

The future of canine stem cell therapy.

Vaccine hesitancy closely tied to support for vaccinating pets

Exploring pet vaccination support amid vaccine hesitancy.

Recognizing dog emotions, especially aggression, may improve with age

4-yr-olds were less good than 6-yr-olds adults at reading dog facial expressions, especially for aggression.

Labradors, Jack Russell terriers, and mixed breeds UK’s most-seen dog breeds 

Almost 1 in 5 UK dogs were “flat-faced” breeds, with increased health risks, per new study.

Dogs are an essential source of comfort for the homeless people

Homeless individuals and dogs form positive relationships, promoting emotional well-being.

Joints disease is common among saber-tooth cats and dire wolves in Ice Age

Study finds surprisingly high incidence of osteochondrosis in these extinct predators.

The scent from a person’s hand can be used to predict their sex

Analysis of scent compounds from the palm can predict a person’s sex with more than 96% accuracy.

Dogs can find great crested newts in challenging environments

Dog could detect newts even through soil, which might aid critical conservation efforts.

Having facility dogs in children’s hospitals is beneficial for both the patients and the staff

Full-time hospital facillity dogs can provide valuable support during terminal illness and help gain patients’ cooperation, according to a new study that surveyed the...

Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead in raw pheasant food

Lead levels in raw pheasant dog food pose health risks.

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