Saturday, November 26, 2022


Ancient DNA reveals the first Neanderthal family

Meet the first Neandertal family.

Study found 12,000 genetic variants that influence a person’s height

Reaching new heights in largest ever genome study.

DNA organization in human retinal cells revealed using a 3D map

This is the first detailed integration of retinal regulatory genome topology.

Scientists discovered a mechanism that allows the body to defend against hepatitis B

The cell sentinel neutralizes hepatitis B.

Scientists have discovered a new structure of telomeric DNA

Can we live longer?

Scientists created synthetic living cells with lifelike functionality

Pioneering research using bacteria brings scientists a step closer to creating artificial cells.

Scientists developed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world

The results open new perspectives for engineering active robotics at the nanoscale.

Another byproduct of aging: Hypermutations in the brain

This is the first large-scale study of somatic mutations in human brains.

Ancient genomes from the herpes virus uncovered and sequenced for the first time

Prehistoric roots of ‘cold sore’ virus traced through ancient herpes DNA.

First electric nanomotor made from DNA material

Synthetic rotary motors at the nanoscale perform mechanical work.

Elephant genes could hold the key to avoiding cancers, study

New insights into molecular interactions which could help people become less prone to cancer.

DNA analysis revealed the identity of mystery fossils

DNA from the ancient population in Southern China suggests Native Americans’ East Asian roots.

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