Friday, October 7, 2022


Study uncovered intriguing new insights into the diet of people living in Neolithic Britain

Neolithic culinary traditions were uncovered.

A better diet can help young men overcome depression

The study contributes to the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry.

Vitamin K enriched diet lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Growing evidence of Vitamin K value for heart health.

Intermittent fasting might be less effective in weight loss

It is no magic bullet for weight loss.

Scientists analyzed the Swiss eating habits during the Bronze Age

What did the Swiss eat during the Bronze Age?

Study highlights how diet ultimately reshapes language

The results of the study offer significant evidence that languages are affected by external factors that differ across populations.

Consuming your poop’s microbiome when dieting may help limit weight gain

This procedure is optimized by a green, plant-based, weight loss diet.

How human fat cells are affected by age?

A growing awareness of the health toll attributable to obesity in modern, industrialized nations has added importance to efforts to understand the causes and...

Scientists found hormonal link between diet and obesity

Obesity, defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or more, is common in many parts of the world. Obesity rates are...

Early humans started cooking 120000 years ago

Starch carbohydrate is still a poorly understood element of modern human diet and our past starch diet may provide insights for future research. Despite...

Healthy diet can reduce the symptoms of depression

According to a new study by the University of Manchester, dietary improvement significantly reduces symptoms of depression, even in people without diagnosed depressive disorders. Dr. Joseph Firth,...

Human diet causing ‘catastrophic’ damage to planet

As of now, about a billion people are ravenous and another two billion are eating excessively of the wrong food, causing epidemics of obesity,...

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