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MIT researchers detect a single quantum vibration within a diamond sample (shown here) at room temperature. Image: Sabine Galland

Scientists observe a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions

Studying a common material at room temperature, researchers bring quantum behavior “closer to our daily life.”

A strange new mineral found in the diamond

The mineral is highly unusual for an inclusion captured by diamond.
Image: Pixabay

Researchers teleported quantum information securely within a diamond

A team of researchers from the Yokohama National University in Japan has done something very cool that nobody has ever done before. They have...
Unraveling secrets of diamond formation

Unraveling secrets of diamond formation

Carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth, representing approximately 45-50% of all dry biomass. It is taken into Earth’s interior...
Study finds 1–2 percent of Earth’s oldest mantle rocks are made from diamond.

Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth’s interior

A new study by the MIT scientists suggests that there might be quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior. The outcomes are unlikely...
This New Hard Diamond Harder Than A Jeweller's Diamond

New Hard Diamond Harder Than A Jeweller’s Diamond

For all its beauty, a diamond is actually an extremely simple material. From thousands of years, mankind has been besotted by the beauty of...