Monday, March 20, 2023


High blood caffeine levels may reduce the body weight and type 2 diabetes risk

It may be worth exploring the potential for calorie-free caffeinated drinks.

Low-carb diet is associated with a lower risk of premature death

Eating pattern tied to 24% reduction in cardiovascular, cancer mortality.

Understanding the “eating just one potato chip is impossible” gene

Scientists reveal genetic mechanisms associated with high-calorie food-fueled obesity.

Long-term antidepressant use may double the risk of heart disease

Adverse health outcomes associated with long-term antidepressant use.

Scientists discovered a molecule that can identify the development of diabetes

Detecting diabetes among people at risk.

A pathway to the regeneration of insulin in pancreatic stem cells

New discovery could pave the way for improved treatments for diabetes.

Genetic fingerprints of ancient migrations found in modern-day UAE

Scientists found genetic traces of population mixing spanning thousands of years.

Exploiting human intestinal stem cells to treat endocrine disease

Critical step towards the development of cell-based therapeutics.

Men who worry more are at higher risk of developing cardiometabolic disease

Men who worry more may develop heart disease and diabetes risk factors at younger ages.

Blood pressure-lowering drugs could protect against type 2 diabetes

Lowering blood pressure should be added as a strategy for diabetes prevention.

This drug could improve heart function in diabetic people

Drug could help diabetic hearts recover after a heart attack.

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