Saturday, March 25, 2023

Dark matter

Indirect evidence found for the existence of dark matter surrounding black holes

The study provides an important new direction for future dark matter research.

A new approach for solving the dark energy mystery

What is behind dark energy?

Scientists realized an effective curved spacetime in the lab

Scientists simulated an entire family of universes with curvature in ultracold quantum gases.

Ghost light among galaxies stretches far back in time

Orphaned stars were lost into intergalactic space long ago.

Galaxy rotation measurements lean toward modified gravity

For the first time, dark matter, modified gravity, and modified inertia are tested and distinguished.

New hints that dark matter could be made up of dark photons

Dark photons are good candidates for dark matter.

Through gamma rays, scientists detected a small satellite galaxy filled with dark matter

The millisecond pulsars as efficient accelerators of highly-energetic electrons and positrons.

Scientists revealed the distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago

Further back in time than ever before.

Using quantum technology to constrain axions

A way to explore promising parameter space.

A method for predicting the composition of dark matter

A new analysis offers an innovative means to predict ‘cosmological signatures’ for models of dark matter.

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