Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dark matter

Scientists offered an alternative explanation for the strange galactic signal

Spinning stars shed new light on a mysterious gamma-ray signal.

Axion’s mass is more than twice as big as previously thought

New simulations refine axion mass, refocusing dark matter search.

Shedding light on axion dark matter

A theoretical review in a new study strongly supports the search for axion dark matter.

Primordial black holes account for all dark matter in the Universe

Are black holes and dark matter the same?

Astronomers found dark-matter free galaxies

Even after 40 hours of observations, the evidence for a dark matter-free galaxy only became stronger.

Scientists may have possibly detected dark energy

Have we detected dark energy?

A supernova to explode around the year 2037

Rerun of Supernova Blast.

Researchers generated an entire virtual universe

The simulation is like a time machine.

Revealing the actual shape of the Universe using AI

A powerful new tool for analyzing big data from current and planned astronomy surveys.

Astronomers discovered the largest rotation in the universe

A rotation on such enormous scales has never been seen before.

The spin of Milky Way’s galactic bar has slowed by about a quarter

The counterweight slowing this spin must be dark matter.

Axions could tell us about the first seconds after Big Bang

Axions could be the fossil of the Universe.

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