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MIT researchers developed a transmitter that frequency hops data bits ultrafast to prevent signal jamming on wireless devices. The transmitter’s design (pictured) features bulk acoustic wave resonators (side boxes) that rapidly switch between radio frequency channels, sending data bits with each hop. A channel generator (top box) each microsecond selects the random channels to send bits. Two transmitters work in alternating paths (center boxes), so one receives channel selection, while the other sends data, to ensure ultrafast speeds.

New transmitter to protect wireless data from hackers

Todays' almost all equipment from all sectors are 'Internet of Things'. And this number is expected to increase by 2020. Along with this, the thing...
Blockchain network concept. Distributed ledger technology. Locks are located in Hexagonal cells on black background. 3d rendering illustration. Big data node base concept.

New framework to stop cyber attacks on internet-connected cars

Examining the risks of cybersecurity for new generations of smart which includes both autonomous and Internet-connected cars, scientists at the University of Texas at San Antonio...
Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

Responding to cybersecurity incidents still a major challenge, IBM suggests

IBM Security today reported the consequences of a worldwide report investigating the elements and difficulties of being a Cyber Resilient association. The examination found...
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Indian Student Develops Tool to Thwart Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

An Indian student with his team at the Edith Cowan University (ECU), Australia, has developed a sophisticated early warning system to protect small businesses...
Security for multirobot systems

Security for Multirobot Systems

Autonomous robots have created a major area of research in computer science era. But in the literature on multirobot systems, security has gotten relatively...