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Deserts breathe water vapor, finds study

They are very much alive.

Working in off-hours is not necessarily beneficial for the 21st-century workforce

This is driven by upward counterfactual thoughts for how time could have been spent.

Harnessing physical systems to perform computation more efficiently

Physical neural networks have the potential to perform machine learning faster.

Fish are far more likely to communicate with sound

There’s a whole lot of talking going on beneath the waves.

Novel techniques revealed binary black hole spin behavior

A step toward understanding the mechanisms of supernovas and other big questions in astrophysics.

3D mini-brains offer clues on origin of Schizophrenia

A fundamental discovery providing what we think is the first evidence in human tissue.

Astronomers published final maps of Titan’s liquid methane rivers and tributaries

Titan’s river maps may advise Dragonfly’s sedimental journey.

An extreme exoplanet is more sizzling than scientists thought

The fiery and inferno-like exoplanet WASP-76b maybe even more sizzling than scientists thought.

Bacteria can be used to store energy, biofuels

A low-cost, eco-friendly, and large-scale system for storing and retrieving energy from renewable sources.

Phosphine on Venus points to volcanic activity on Venus

It’s telling us about the geology of Venus.

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