Coral reef

The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival rates

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect polar bears?

Jellyfish-like robots could be used to clean up oceans

Jellyfish-Bot could be used to help in environmental cleanup.

Groundbreaking: Scientists discovered ancient deep-sea coral reefs Galápagos expedition

A ground-breaking discovery of extensive, ancient deep-sea coral reefs.

Scientists use a centralized database to understand coral reefs

RECIFS helps understand the vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change.

Scientists discovered a coral reef taller than the Empire State Building

It is the "first to be discovered in more than 120 years" in the waters off North Queensland.

3D printed bionic corals capable of growing microalgae

Corals have evolved as optimized photon augmentation systems, prompting space-efficient microalgal growth and outstanding photosynthetic quantum efficiencies. Scientists at the University of Cambridge are looking...

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