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Figure (a) Copper and Copper Nitride. Figure (b) Theoretical Calculation for P-type and N-type Copper Nitride. Figure (c) Direct Observation of Fluorine Position in Fluorine-doped Copper Nitride. (a) An image of thin film copper plates before and after reacting with ammonia and oxygen. Copper metal has been transformed to copper nitride. (b) Copper insertion for an n-type semiconductor and fluorine insertion for a p-type semiconductor. (c) Nitrogen plotted in red, fluorine in green, and copper in blue. Fluorine is located at the open space of the crystal as predicted by the theoretical calculation.

High performance nitride semiconductor for eco-friendly photovoltaics

A Tokyo Institute of Technology explore group has indicated copper nitride goes about as an n-type semiconductor, with p-type conduction gave by fluorine doping,...